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Why Our Traffic Is Free of Charge?

Being an affiliate service, we don’t produce traffic ourselves. We resell it from our vendor by providing both paid and free accounts with a bit limited website traffic.

Every user can count on a free account for an unrestricted period. If someone wants to receive more traffic, he can pay for it. That is when we will earn money! Our working scheme for rendering cheap website traffic is simple and transparent!

What Will You Get by Choosing Our Services?

We can guarantee you the traffic shown in Google Analytics. You may turn to different traffic counters, but we are not responsible for them.


6000 Page Views per Month

1 hit amounts to 1 page view, and every unique visitor might bring you up to 3 hits per one site session.

Return Rate Control

Choose the return visitor rate you rely on and want to see at your site. You are free to indicate from 0% to 100%.

Bounce Rate Control

Decide on and set the bounce rate you need for your resource. We don’t limit you; so, choose from 0% to 100%.

Session Time Control

With a free account you can count on the limited waiting period for every page – from 5 up to 30 seconds. By getting a paid project, you are guaranteed to have more advantages and options.

Desktop / Mobile Traffic

That is you who determine the traffic, depending on your device and site needs. We provide 3 categories of cheap website traffic: desktop, mobile, and mixed.

Direct / Organic / Social / Referral

You are able to select the traffic type for your project by making it direct, organic, social, or referral.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered togher most common questions our customers ask